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 ‘The Artist’s Studio’/2011-…
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                                                                                                                                  NECMİ SÖNMEZ

The “artist museum” relationship, which has become a contemporary issue since the beginning of the 20th century, shapes the main starting point of Elif Öner’s work. The artsist has built and designed an internet website under the title of and is trying different experiments teher. While testing the boundaries of an ordinary interent website, for those who are interested, Öner primarily opens the daily stream of her workshop at ArtCenter-İstanbul for 24 hours in a virtual environment. This way, by pushing aside the concept of the “workshop” as a place where work is produced in the traditional sense, the definition of “a separate space” arises. This and similar meanings, content, and function shifts bring an “ironic” interpretation to the various circumstantes that the concept of museum, which has gradually gone into the “commercialization” of the artist, has gained today.



‘Through The Looking Glass’ 2012-…
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(This project is web based. It is still shown through this  website .)



Elif Oner offers a different perspective to the complex relationship in the art-museum-collection triangle with her web-based work which went online last year. The last five years saw private museum opening one after another and the art market burgeoning have placed the “collection-collector-puplic presentation” issues to the forefront like never seen before until the 2000s. Öner’s work which looks like a regular website at a glance beeds different dynamics in itself and presents an ironic and reactional aspect. Accessible from anywhere, the work sirprises its visitor by reversing and taking mirror images of many items, including the search engines. This points at the bilend faith people have in virtual information resources. Inviting the viewers which also become users of the website, the artist encourages a radical critical approach towards the events of corporate museums and their strategies.