Artistic Research

SENSITIVE SOUNDS Elif Öner & Evrim Kavcar

Artistic Research, Notes, Sketches, Photographs, Materials, Objects, Papers, 103×210, 2022

17th Istanbul Biennial

How to install which “sound description”?
Where in Istanbul? Which material? Which form?

On this table, we share notes, sketches, little sculptures and found materials that we collected from public space. Through these materials, we plan possible text based public interventions. For example, in Gezi Park, in the children’s playground, how shall we inscribe “the sound of a hedgehog scratching itself?” Which color? With which technique? Here the visitors also can read a selection of sound related anecdotes collected from artists’ walks in between biennial routes.

Sensitive Sounds
Sounds and Gestures
The Other (ongoing series)
Dear Reader
Open For Your Participation
Silent Migration
You Already Know Half of The Story
Futile Effort
Again and Again
Out of Frame
In to In
Historical Future Museum
True Copy Of The Original (ongoing series)