BIA (ongoing series 2012-…)

The name of the series “Bia” is based on the Greek goddess Bia. According to the Greek mythology, Bia is the goddess of corporealize-ing of power and violence.
The Bia series came up during my work of what an image represents. Is a photograph that is
transferred to digital media is a residue remaining, or is it an image that offers a generic simulation to
reality? Image is what arises as a result of traces. This trace emerged as a movement of light, an
evidence of existence, from the object to the machine at a certain point in time. The material that
the image is imprinted on is seen as a prerequisite of it reflecting the reality in a ‘correct’ manner.
What gains importance is not the trace itself, but the meaning attributed to it. The Bia series focus on
the meaning attributed to the image. While photographs transferred to digital media get
manipulated and visualise the medium, they don’t do this independent of the image. Digital images
that are subjected to manipulation and that bear traces of the transferred photograph focus on
reaching and materializing the emotional traces of what they represent. In the Bia series, each step
of the work done on the image is fictionalized such that the emotion of the object that it represents
is referenced and attempts to leave an emotional trace that it claims to belong to the object by
establishing analogies with the object that is photographed. What is represented in the digital image
that arises as a result refers more to the approach of a language to reality than the reality itself.
Manipulation is no longer only intervention to the image, ‘new meanings that are to be attributed to
the image’ are what creates real manipulation.

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