Elif Öner, Rotterdam. She graduated from the Marmara University Painting Department. She pursued a graduate degree at Marmara University and Weissensee Kunst-Hochschule Department of Painting, then took part in the Artist Residency program of Borusan Art Center for two years. The artist has created works in different media including internet, video, painting, sound and animation. Öner is also working as a duo with Evrim Kavcar (link) on a long term project called Dictionary of Sensitive Sounds.

“Reality/fiction” and “nature/culture” are major concepts that I am often using in my works and searching for their visual language. I am building my works mostly on the focus of “self-perception” and  “unwritten history”. I use the potential of the unconscious to find out the unspoken, the repressed and out of the language in my art works.