Elif Öner graduated from the Marmara University Painting Department. She pursued a graduate degree at Marmara University and Weissensee Kunst-Hochschule Department of Painting. She then took part in the Artist Residency program of Borusan Art Center for two years. Focusing on the language of the medium, the artist has created works in different media
including internet, video, painting, digital painting and animation.

The use and borders of self-explanatory has been the primary factor that determined the language of my works. I think that every discipline requires a certain state of responsibility and consciousness. Examining the meanings that every material brings along with its language and starting to reflect on these meanings, determine the direction of my works. With reference to these ideas, I try to grip the essence of certain moments and then to find the form that fits into that essence. This way, the project I work on chooses its own medium. In other words, the best-right form of expression that I use for what I work on constitutes the medium of the project. Recently, I continue my works based on truth and forms of perception, concentrating on the concepts of  unconscious, history and recollection. In my recent works, I focused on concepts like history of nature/culture; I started to investigate the borders of reality/fiction for the history, and to use the potential created by collective unconscious in my art practice.