Elif Öner, currently lives and works in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Dichotomies like reality/fiction and nature/culture are major concepts in Öner’s artwork and research towards their visual language. Focusing the themes of self-perception and unwritten history, Öner uses the potential of the unconscious to research the unspoken in her artworks. Since 2018, Öner has been working with Evrim Kavcar, collaborating on a long-term project called Dictionary of Sensitive Sounds, a polyphonic, multiform, participatory process that traces the subjective, social and cultural layers of sound in multiple formats.

Her solo and duo exhibitions include 17th Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul, Turkey (2022); The Fine Knife We Used To Pare Away The Rough Day, Kasa Galeri, Istanbul, Turkey (2020); Dictionary of Sensitive Sounds, PASAJist, Istanbul, Turkey (2019); Historical Future Museum, website project, Rotterdam/İstanbul, Netherlands/Turkey (2013-2014) MuseuMModern, website project, Germany (2010-2014); Out of Frame, TAB Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey (2018); You Already Know Half Of The Story, artSümer, Istanbul, Turkey (2013) Her selected group exhibitions include Contemporary Turkish Video Art Festival, Sofia, Bulgaria (2009); Turkish Delight, Turkish Video Artists Selection, Paris, France (2009);Urban Discovery, Gelsenkirchen, Germany (2010); Sleep and Shadow, Siemens Art , Istanbul, TR (2011); Los Angeles- Istanbul Connection, Los Angeles, USA (2011); Museum Inside a Museum, Elgiz Museum, Istanbul, Turkey (2012) Formless, Santral Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey (2014); Fluid Reality in New Media Art, Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, Serbia (2015); Upside Down, Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade, Serbia (2016)  and I Haven’t Taken An Oath, Barın Han, Istanbul, Turkey (2022). Öner also worked as a visual artist in a theater play Eurotopia directed by Emre Koyuncu and staged at Freiburg Government Theatre, Freiburg, Germany in 2017.