Elif Öner, lives and works in İstanbul.

In this process, the chief element that determined the language of my work was the use of medium that brings along its own meaning and its limits. The process of questioning the concepts and contemplating on them determines the medium I utilize in my work. At times, this process takes a reversed course; the medium comes forward as a form that is already evident in time and space, inseparable from the concept. By way of questioning the medium in relation to the factors that brought it forward, it becomes possible to reconfigure the medium in a way that would lay bare the concept.

Upon completing my undergraduate education at Marmara University, I continued my studies in the M.F.A. Program at Marmara University. At the same time, I was enrolled for two years in the Artist Residency Program offered by Borusan Art Center. During my residency, I focused primarily on the subjects of time, space, and memory.  Later on, I expanded my focus to visit the themes of historiography and forced migration in my work.