Historical Future Museum

Yesterday is Yesterday, Today is Today www.historicalfuturemuseum.org


www.historicalfuturemuseum.org is a virtual museum where Elif Öner and Vincent Rozenberg publish the photographs they took and will take everyday in the course of a year, within the same day. Yesterday’s photos are slowly fading away over a time of 365 days, a year, the duration of the project. Like memories, slowly fading away.

In their exhibition ‘yesterday is yesterday today is today’, which they build upon personal photos, the artists focus on ‘now’ and ‘here’, calling attention to the fact that history is actually a kind of orthographic history written, in fact constructed, by ‘individuals’ and ‘what is essential’ is not mentioned.

In collaboration with Ibraaz.

Elif Öner & Evrim Kavcar
Silent Migration
You Already Know
The Other
Out of Frame
In to In
True Copy Of The Original