The Other (ongoing series)

I make these paintings by using soil as paint. It is an invitation to thinking about what “earth” is witnessing and to activate the unconscious emotions, to get in touch with that.

The Other, different sizes, soil, pigment, on the canvas and paper, 2017-2022 (ongoing series)

As long as we ignore our dark side, the shadow gets stronger and  affects our life down than before. When ignored and repressed feelings and thoughts are not transformed creatively, being kept in the shadow, in the background, they are projected to the outside world using their destructive power. This stage in denial transforms to personal and social blind an destruction in years.

With these projections, my personal experiences and encounters shaped my painting with “light” and “shadow”. As a result of these encounters, on my painting invites to follow  inner voice and inner wild. 

Sensitive Sounds
Dear Reader
Open For Your Participation
Silent Migration
You Already Know Half of The Story
Futile Effort
Again and Again
Out of Frame
In to In
Historical Future Museum
True Copy Of The Original (ongoing series)