The Other


The consequence of one person’s attempt to get in touch with themselves, one part of them, called the shadow side, sends invitations as an introduction. To accept and attend these invitations is not so easy; it’s a heavy and troublesome long-term process.

As long as we hold off to meet with our dark side, a shadow appears before us and affects our life stronger than before. Those influences form the content of obliged invitations. When ignored and repressed feelings and thoughts are not transformed

creatively, being kept in the shadow, in the background, they are projected to the outside world using their destructive power.

In one of his articles writer Engin Gençtan wrote about the shadow, illustrating Turkey as a country, which shadows go around everywhere. Carl Gustav Jung, in his book “Man and his Symbols” points this issue widely and cites that the East is the neglected and ignored shadow of the West.

In stage of neglecting their dark sides, one person is also not aware of its projections. This stage of denial transforms to an introvert’s destruction over time. Entity and integrity of oneself are in danger; the inner and outer are considered separate.

With these projections, my artwork derive from my personal experiences and encounters shaped with light and shadow. As result of these encounters and researches, my work focuses on disaffection and fragmentation.

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